3DInspect: Powerful software for all Micro-Epsilon 3D sensors

3DInspect is a uniform and user-friendly software tool for all 3D sensors from Micro-Epsilon. The parameterization of the 3D sensors and the recording of the measurement data is carried out directly from the 3DInspect software. Powerful tools allow point cloud alignment and filtering, intuitive detection and selection of relevant areas, and the combination of programs. The 3D point clouds can be processed as required and measured values can be output to the controller.

Special features

  • One software for all Micro-Epsilon 3D sensors
  • High compatibility
  • High flexibility for online and offline evaluation
  • Simple operation via intuitive user interface
  • Real 3D evaluation, not just 2.5D
  • Object extraction in 3D
  • Direct feedback with the algorithms
  • Output directly to controller (UDP, TCP, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet)

With the creation of innovative software components for 3DInspect, Micro-Epsilon Atensor enables complex, three-dimensional measurement tasks to be solved with less application-specific development effort, which increases productivity and quality.

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